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Our high quality patio covers are designed to shield you, your family, and your guest from the harsh Redding sun so you can enjoy outdoor BBQ's & parties on even the hottest days!

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Majestic Builders of Redding

We are your local Alumawood Patio Cover Experts! We specialize in creating beautiful living spaces inside your home and in your backyard. View our photo galleries below and see some of the amazing patio covers, decks, and remodels we have done.  Rest assured, while working at your home, we treat it as though it were our own and put in the extra effort and care to give you the best-finished product we possibly can. We stand by our work and our name. Our goal is to ensure that your finished project is, truly, Majestic.

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Patio Covers

Magestic Builders Alumawood

Majestic Builders specializes in Alumawood and Duralum structures. We custom design each patio cover to compliment your living space, so you can enjoy your backyard year round. Our materials offer the appearance of wood and the durability of aluminum. Unlike traditional shade structures, ours won’t crack, peel, burn, warp, rot, or attract termites.



Highly trained engineers mold Alumawood from recycled aluminum. They emboss it with a textured wood-grain finish. Then they cover it with a unique paint system to repel dust, oil, dirt, and stains. It also greatly reduces corrosion from salt, pollution, sun, and the elements.

You never need to paint it, and maintenance cleaning requires only a garden hose. Oh, and it’s waterproof!

These shade structures give you:

  • Recessed lighting
  • Seven popular colors
  • Fasteners in matching colors
  • Richly textured wood-grain finish
  • Solid header-beam construction
  • Aluma-Shield paint system with Teflon®
  • Four different styles of beam and rafter end cuts
  • Patented Gutter Guard system (to prevent debris from building up)
  • We can also install recessed lighting, and fans built directly into your aluminum patio cover.

How Much Does it Cost?

The price of your Alumawood patio cover is comparable to the price of a wood patio cover. A cedar or redwood patio cover would cost considerably more. An oak or pine cover would cost about the same. The real savings is in the maintenance. Alumawood never rots. It never attracts termites. And it never needs repainting!

Freestanding covers tend to land on the expensive side of the spectrum. They use twice as many posts, footings, headers, and end cuts.

Why Choose Majestic Builders?

One of my early business mentors shared a concept that has stuck with me; There are 3 elements of business: customer service, quality product, and low price. You can only ever have two of these elements at a time.

The two pillars we built our foundation on is our great customer service experience and top quality products. From the on-site estimate to the final walk through, we are committed to our customers being thrilled with their final product that will last for years to come. Alumawood shares these same values which is why we choose this product. It’s low maintenance , holds up through our Redding heat, and lasts a lifetime.

Decks (COMPOSITE & Wood)

Trex preferred contractor

We build our decks with Trex. We custom design each deck to blend with your residence and natural landscape. Our materials are both gorgeous and eco-friendly. Unlike decks made from plain wood, ours won't rot, split, swell, twist, or fade.



High-performance composite decking is incredibly durable and easy to maintain. Trex outlasts, outperforms, and outdecks the competition.

Do you love the look of natural wood? Do you hate the maintenance work: painting, staining, and sealing it? You’re not alone.

All types of wood decks—cedar, redwood, ipe, pressure-treated—require extensive upkeep. Trex combines the beauty of wood decking with the low maintenance of a composite. Trex’s high-performance boards withstand years of sun, snow, and sleet without losing their rich color. Plus, it’s made from 95% recycled material.

Wood fails when measured against Trex:

  • Splinters easily
  • Contributes to deforestation
  • Cracks from insect infestation
  • Rots, splits, swells, fades, twists
  • Requires annual sealing, staining, or painting

We also offer an unmatched warranty. All of our decking and railing come with a 25-year manufacturer limited residential warranty against material defects. Our high-performance products include an additional layer of coverage. They give a 25-year limited residential fade and stain warranty.

Deck Design

If you tell us where you want your deck, we can draft a blueprint from scratch. If you want to take a more hands-on role, you can instruct us and sketch the layout yourself.

Most customers choose to meet somewhere in the middle. We can meet, look at the area you want to build your deck, and bounce ideas back and forth. That way, we learn what you want, and you get advice from a team with a combined history of over 50 years in the industry.

Our decks offer all the amenities. We build attached or unattached decks. We build decks around hot tubs. We build sundecks, porches, and terraces. And, of course, we can add stairs and railings. Our composite decking is made from recycled wood, sawdust, and plastic film. We believe eco-friendly is the only way to go. You’ll never need harsh chemicals to clean your new deck, only gentle soap and water.


Weaver lumber preferred contractor

We can remodel any area of your house. Each project is different, and we treat it as such. We sit down with you and plan your unique design to your specifications. We guide you step-by-step through each milestone of the development. When we combine your vision and our know-how, we create something truly spectacular!


What We Remodel

Majestic Builders can remodel any area of your house—indoors or outdoors. Our most common projects include kitchens, bathrooms, and siding. Read below for more details...


Remodeling a kitchen is a large project.

Before we arrive, take a hard look at how you use your current kitchen. Think about what you want your remodel to accomplish. When you’re thinking it through, consider the following questions:

  • How many people live in your home?
  • Who cooks?
  • Who prepares the meals? Where?
  • Does more than one person prepare at a time?
  • What type of cooking happens (baking, gourmet, microwave, etc.)?
  • What are the traffic patterns through the kitchen?
  • Where do you dine?
  • Do you entertain in the kitchen?
  • What appliances do you often use?

This list is by no means an exhaustive. It’s only to get you thinking about the function of your kitchen. We need you thinking about that first. We’ll get to the finer details (like color schemes) after we hash out the big picture.


In regards to scale, bathroom projects fall a close second to kitchen projects. Fixtures and layouts are everything.

The bathroom may be the only room in your house in which you can safely lock yourself for an hour to escape the stress of your day. That small space, with its toilet, bathtub, sink, and shower, is a getaway from everyday life...if only for a little while. Make sure you give it the consideration it deserves.

Before we arrive, take time to think through your requirements for that retreat. Consider how many times you enter your bathroom each day. What hour of day do you spend the most time in there? What sort of activities do you spend the most time on? How do you want your bathroom to function? Those are the questions you need to answer first. Don't worry, we'll walk you through the selection process every step of the way!


Yes, we love outside projects too! Siding remodeling or installation may require more materials, but they need far less planning. That makes things easier for both of us.

When you remodel siding, keep a few things in mind. First, do you prefer aluminum or eco-friendly wood siding, or hardie siding? Why? Next, what types of weather (sun, rain, snow, wind) does your house need to defend against? Last, what types of paint do you prefer? And, of course, what colors would you like?


Electrical work can be intimidating for the average person. Unlike other aspects of home improvement, electrical work is not something the average homeowner can do on their own. A very strong understanding and knowledge of the fundamentals of working with electricity and electrical circuits is crucial to ensure household items function properly, and paramount to the safety of your home and loved ones. Majestic Builders is manned by certified electricians with decades of experience working on both residential and commercial projects in Redding and the greater Shasta County areas.


Electrical services:

  • New Outlet and Circuit Panel Upgrades
  • Switch and Receptacle Updating
  • Data and Network Installation
  • GFI Replacement
  • Alarm Sensor Repair
  • Attic and Whole-House Fans
  • Remote Lighting and Circuit Controls
  • Dimmer Switch Upgrades
  • SPA, RV and 220V Outlets
  • Emergency Generator Systems
  • Light Fixture Upgrade / Replacement
  • Appliance Replacement
  • Ceiling Fan Upgrades
  • And Much More!

New Outlets and Switches

Whether you are preparing your home to sell or simply want to upgrade the look and feel of where you reside, replacing the outlets and switches in your home is a subtle yet powerful way to both increase the efficiency and safety in your home and to modernize your decorum.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFI or GFCI) outlets are a great way to improve the safety of your home. These devices work by measuring the input and output current running through them and if there are any discrepancies the power is cut to the outlet. These should be installed at a minimum anywhere near water, to include the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry or utility rooms, wash sinks and if you are lucky enough to have a wet bar, there too. Ideally, these would be installed throughout your home to maximize safety.

Modernizing your home usually involves steps like fresh paint, new flooring and countertops, and replacing lighting fixtures. These are all great items to bring an old home or room back to life. Other important upgrades are the switches and receptacles. Modern looking fixtures are an excellent accent on a remodeling project. Recessed or canned lighting can open up a room and give the illusion of more space. Rather than the lights hanging down, they are “recessed” into the ceiling and allow for taller people to walk through a room comfortably. Combine new lighting with dimmer switches and the effects can be dramatic. Dimmer switches allow for control of how much light is in the room and affords the homeowner control over ambience with a slight turn of the knob.

Outside Your Home

Living in Redding, California affords us many months of great weather and the ability to spend quite a bit of time outside of our homes. To fully enjoy nature, we often need a little help. Accent or security lighting on the outside of our home and throughout your yard is a great way to maximize the enjoyment nature offers. Whether you desire pathway lighting to help you navigate your yard in the early or later hours, or landscape lighting to accentuate the flora that occupies your property, Majestic Builders can help you choose and install the proper equipment to meet your needs. If you are lucky enough to have an Alumawood covered deck, you can add to its beauty and functionality with outdoor ceiling fans, colored lighting, and electrical outlets for outdoor entertainment systems.

Motion sensored lighting can be great for both security and for when you need short term lighting while traversing your property in the dark. These systems can be installed on your home exterior, garage or as stand alone units in a variety of designs and wattages.

220V outlets can be installed in the home or anywhere you may need that level of electrical power. Most Jacuzzi Spas or RV connections require 220V outlets and can be easily installed by our certified electricians. Having the insurance of a backup generator system is a necessity for some and a luxury for others, regardless of which group you fall into, Majestic Builders electricians can connect your generator system to your home and ensure that all applicable amenities are “backed up” by a generator if the need arises.

Data and Networking

Wireless networks are the norm and we get used to having them wherever we go, but wired networks are more reliable and provide both faster speeds and an added layer of security. Majestic Builders electricians can run the necessary wiring throughout your home to ensure you have the highest internet speeds in every room of your house, regardless of how far you are located from the home router. Entertainment systems no longer have to be located right next to your router/modem and high speeds for streaming movies or playing video games can be enjoyed simultaneously in multiple locations of your home. The home router can be wired in a closet and be out of sight, yet fully functional. Our certified electricians can bring either the phone line or cable into the closet and then run the necessary cat-5 or cat-6 wiring to every room in your home and install the proper outlet receptacles. Wireless networks are still an added option, but fixed network consuming devices like entertainment centers and personal computers can be easily connected to a faster (than wireless network speeds) and more secure wired network.

Fans and Lighting

Whole house fans are a great cost effective way to beat the Redding heat. Whole house fans work by pulling air from inside the home into the attic where it can be released through attic vents. Many whole house fans will include aesthetically pleasant louvers that open up when the fan is on and close when not in use, camouflaging the fan into the ceiling. According to a whole house fan should be installed by a trained professional to ensure proper ventilation and safe electrical connections. Installing a new attic fan at the same time is a great way to ensure that not only your home interior is being cooled properly, but your attic is being cooled as well. Controlling airflow in your home and attic is a responsible way to extend the life of your roof, insulation and overall home. Whole house fans can definitely increase the airflow of your entire home and helps substantially in the cooling of your entire home, but individual ceiling fans both increase airflow in the room they are installed in and can accentuate the rooms design, especially when they are combined with lighting. Having the ceiling fan and lights controlled by a wall mounted dual switch or dimmer can make it easy for children or elders to control both the airflow and the lighting in the room.

New Appliances

Refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, trash compactor and microwave, all items that we like to replace from time to time. As these devices become more and more technically advanced and more expensive, it is imperative that we ensure they are installed and connected properly. Sufficient power fed from a trusted circuit is needed to guarantee your new investment does not have issues and your warranty is not voided by the manufacturer. Majestic Builders electricians can test and replace any portion of your home electrical grid to provide the optimal power to your new appliance. This includes upgrading or replacing your home circuit panel, interior wiring or outlet if necessary. Our certified electricians can test your electrical panel and ensure your home is equipped with the sufficient load. Too frequently homeowners add energy consuming devices to their home without ensuring the home circuit breaker is capable of properly handling or delivering the electrical load. A small investment in your electrical circuit can go a long way towards the life and proper use of your home’s appliances. Some internal appliances require 220V outlets like your dryer or oven. Majestic Builders certified electricians can install the proper circuit breakers, wiring and outlets for all your 220V needs.

Looking for Design Inspiration?

Get ideas about backyard covered patios, decks, and home remodels on our Pinterest page. We can’t wait to help you design your dream living space!


Check Out Our Latest Work

We stand by our work and our name. Our goal is to ensure that your finished project is, truly, Majestic! Check out our most recent work on Instagram.


About Us

We are committed to being people of integrity in our work and our lives. We are diligent in creating and maintaining a team of honest and skilled craftsmen. They represent many trades and add differing talents. Our team is our family!

Majestic Builders Team

Our Team Leaders have been in construction for over 30 years, truly experts in their field. They train, educate, and bring their vast experience to each job. We take pride in our clean job sites, friendly crew, and quality work.

What sets us apart from other contractors? You can know when Majestic Builders does your job, the team that’s in your backyard is safe, clean, friendly, and is there to do the best job they can possibly do! We go above and beyond with our customers. We are not only focused on the job we are bidding right now, but on creating a connection, turning a one time customer into a life-long client. We call back, we show up when we say we will, and will leave your home cleaner and better than when you found it.

Meet the Majestic Builders Team

Hover over the images below to learn more about our team

Dillon (Owners)

Darin and Jillian DillonOwners

Darin has been building and remodeling homes since 2003, and has a vision to renew and refresh our community. Jillian has been on job sites with Kurt (co-founder) from the very beginning, she's his oldest daughter! Construction is their native language and a fun and familiar way to connect with people. Darin runs the show as CEO and Jillian keeps things running as CFO. Their philosophy is Win-Win, go above and beyond, and always keep an open mind and heart. Established in 2012, Majestic Builders has had a focus on beautifying homes and outdoor living spaces, while making lasting impressions with our customers.

Kurt Warner (Co-Founder)

Kurt WarnerCo-Founder

Charismatic, Artistic, Dreamer

Can be found working on old cars, renovating home projects, or traveling with his wife Marie.

Chrissy Schwerdt (Estimator/Project Manager)

Chrissy SchwerdtEstimator / Project Manager

Creative, Outgoing, Thoughtful

Can be found wine tasting, horseback riding, or camping with family.

Dave Ksenzulak (Estimator/Project Manager)

Dave KsenzulakEstimator / Project Manager

Driven, Loyal, Leader

Can be found bow hunting, spending time with family or working on his Jeep.

Rebecca Sagraves (Director of First Impressions)

Rebecca SagravesDirector of First Impressions

Relatable, Great Listener, Joyful

Can be found connecting with friends, road-tripping, or hitting a new PR at Crossfit.

Scottie Sewart (Estimator Assistant)

Scottie SewartEstimator Assistant

Kind, Caring, Comical

Can be found trying out new recipes, spending weekends on the coast, or snuggling her animals on the couch.

Tom McHugh (Foreman)

Tom McHughForeman

Thorough, Courageous, True-Blue

Can be found rafting, hiking, or cooking over the campfire with his wife Debbie.


Jake McHughJourneyman

Attentive, Adaptable, Perpetually Positive

Can be found rock climbing, mountain biking, or finding new adventures.

Jeterbuilt Construction + Majestic Builders

An update from the Jeter Family: "As seasons change around us, so do the seasons of our lives. We are in a time where our girls are busy with their activities and interests and Scott and I have had remarkable opportunities to have great careers outside of our beloved Jeterbuilt Construction. While transition and change are never easy, we've been fortunate to have some genuine people to entrust our book of business to. Majestic Builders has been our partner for the last few years now and at this season of our lives, we are ready to step away and turn over our book of business and staff to very capable and wonderful hands. Same phone number, same people, same great service you can count on. Thank you for all of your support, we are thankful for you all." - Scott & Lisa Jeter

Majestic Builders looks forward to providing you with the same excellent service, with the same great team. By adding the Jeterbuilt knowledgable staff to our organization we will be providing the following services: Electrical, Patio Covers, Decks, Remodels, and Siding repairs and installation. Give us a call if you have any questions. Majestic Builders is here to serve, we look forward to working with you!

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